Heres a selection of projects and a brief description of the process we undertook together. 

Lion Song Process is the work of Holly Mae Haddock a singer songwriter and a creative therapist in Portland, Oregon. We were asked to develop an online format for sharing her artistic counseling approach and helped her unique vision by creating this collage world for her visual identity. 

When Jan Vater found himself with a 10+ hrs workday plus a daily commute from New Jersey to Manhattan, he knew he needed to change something. Providing for his family meant showing up at a job that didn't fill his cup personally, only draining. Jan is a passionate chef and loves to provide not only for his children, but for other people and bigger parties as well. We helped him along the process of enhancing his profile, distilling what to focus on and setting up his business by developing a compelling visual identity and a website that enables him to make more money than he ever made at his job in Manhattan. 


We were approached by Studio 29 Architects & Interior Designers to create their new website. After an early agreement of what the goals and aims for the website were, we gave them a little "copywriting homework". This little task made them think about their work in an entirely new fashion. How do you talk about your work? What is a narrative for projects you made in the last ten years? Challenging and a bit of soul searching - but ever more rewarding.