We are Bright Matters. We help you on your path of launching your business. We support you with creating your identity – in an authentic and personal, visual and visceral way. We want to help you share your vision with the world and we can equip you with the tools you need for it. We are dreamers, thinkers, designers, artists and makers. Our ideas are generated through empathy and intuition backed by 10+ years of professional experience in the design field.

Bright Matters is Kathy Kwon and Tilman Richter. We currently live and work in Berlin while raising our 2 year old son Noel.

Kathy is a 1.5 generation Korean-American who moved to Berlin over a decade ago to study classical music after completing her BA in Architecture at UC Berkeley. She has been working in the visual design field in the last 8 years - her experience in both music and design lends her with an intuitive approach to beautiful and impactful visual language.
Tilman, originally born in Bremen, Germany studied communication design at the University of Arts in Bremen before receiving his Masters degree in Digital Design at the University of Arts in Berlin. His background in design combined with years of running his own design business provides him with insightful and holistic solution-oriented thinking. He loves to make, build, and connect things in novel and beautiful ways.

We have been working with partners from around the world: Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Atelier Markgraph, I am Studio, What if, Games Science Center Berlin, Vice Media GmbH, Matthes & Seitz Berlin, Hafenmuseum Speicher XI Bremen, Schauspiel Frankfurt, WFB - Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen, DLR - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Der.Chef NYC, Lion Song Process, Studio 29 Architects Ltd., Kwonyin.global,

Why did we create Bright Matters?

We want to live in a world where people are empowered to step into their truth and feel confident that aligning work with their values will reap in both personal and financial success. We believe that communication is about connection, and we want to help you create a visual language that says YOU and reaches the hearts of your audience.


How is it to work with us?

We practice an open, friendly and clear communication style. We excel in the following:

  • ability understand the heart of the matter - your business, your vision.
  • ability to offer you questions and suggestions that help you push the envelope.
  • ability to help you get through the technical aspects with more ease.
  • we will play your best accomplice and help find solutions.
  • we will guide you through the process, step by step we’ll get to our goal.