We have worked on developing websites over the last 10+ years. Working with developers, we've witnessed the shift from html, css, php, wordpress, indexhibit, stacey, bootstrap, and countless other trends in technologies. We think running a website should be as direct to the business owner as possible. It's cumbersome when you have to call and pay a developer every time you need to have a change made. Only now with a product like Squarespace, we feel comfortable in creating a website and handing it over to you. You can feel assured that future changes and updates will be easily made by you.

Sometimes you just want to get started simply, effectively and quickly. We have streamlined our process that helps us build your individual website in ONE WEEK.

Here is how we do it:

After our first free consultation dialogue and you decide to get on board with us, you will get a Getting-to-Know-You Questionnaire, then a PDF on how to prepare your content and media. After you have delivered all the relevant media and information we will have an online Kick-off-meeting to get into the details of what we are going to create together.

Day  1
Design Draft - We will propose a design for your website based on your stylistic preferences and functional needs.

Day 2
Revision Round One - We will discuss the proposal and find out what else is needed for the design and functions to fit.

Day 3
Structure Draft  - We will send you a proposal for the websites structure, menus, navigation, etc.

Day 4
Revision Round Two - Preview and revisions of the design, functionality and structure. Last change requests come in here. 

Day 5
Handover - More revisions if necessary and personalized training so you can feel comfortable making future updates to the website and adding content. Administrative work. 

In order for this tight schedule to work, you have to be available for daily check-ins with feedback, questions and communications.


We are offering this service at
EUR 2,500



Here is what you'll get

   Choosing Squarespace you are profiting from a website that:

  • has a user-friendly editing environment
  • uses cutting-edge UX/UI best practices
  • performs flawless on desktop and mobile screens
  • is guaranteed to be up-to-date, always
  • has built-in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • offers secure SSL connections
  • is backed by the 24/7 award-winning squarespace-support  

And by choosing Bright Matters you can make sure your website:

  • is professionally designed
  • has a story and a narrative
  • has all the functions you need (up to 5 Pages)
  • doesn't take longer than a week to launch
  • 20% off the first year Squarespace fee