Starting a business is a wonderful moment. The intention and motivation behind starting is endlessly rewarding. We enjoy working with people who are just getting started with their businesses. There is a whole world to explore out there, and it is just so much fun to be helpful in that process. Starting from a clean slate is also a great opportunity for us to tap into the intuitive approach to the design process. We enjoy the ping-pong we play with you.

After an initial contact and the frame being set, we will engage in a getting-to-know you chat that will help us understand you, your ideal audience, your goals and your business better. For us the design process is a suite of observations, drafts, exchange, iterations, adaption and refinements. Our aim is to make smart and intuitive decisions, supported by our years of experience in design. We believe you could have a beautiful visual identity package in a week, saving you cost and time. In the end, you should be equipped with everything you need to get your business started.

  • A Logo
  • A Letterhead

  • A Businesscard

  • Templates for required Software

The kit is provided in various digital files usual in the trade.


We are offering this service at
EUR 2,500