Moving Image

Do you have a message that wants to transcend the static realm? Set your image and words into motion, whether as posts or stories to impress your web / social media visitors and turn them into fans.

In 1 week, we can help you realize any of the following options:



Your business as quick bite-sized stories and moving impressions on social media?

We can help you design a mini campaign to feature your product or service over 6 mini clips (10-15 sec each). Our aim is to capture your message and Call To Action in an engaging and memorable way.


Video Feature

If your business were a film, what would your most compelling trailer look like?

Create an introduction to your brand or feature your most attractive service or product. These video features brilliantly condense your message to 1-2 minutes and you can place them across your platforms strategically.

Check out some of the work we did before:



This is how we do it:

After we have had our initial chat, we will ask you to fill out our Getting to Know You Questionnaire. You will then deliver any relevant content media. Following our kick-off meeting we dive into the following week of creation:

Day 1
Design Key Frames. This is the first visual draft of every aspect of our scope of work. 

Day 2
Revisions Round One. This is where you can let us know where to make changes before we get into animating.

Day 3
Preview. First preview of animated content. 

Day 4
Revisions Round Two, before we get into producing all the content for your entire social media strategy.

Day 5
Final Delivery. Set up the accounts, make the initial posts and deliver the videos. 


We offer this service at

EUR 2,500