Tell your heart-stirring story in time.

Give depth and a sense of evocative journey into who you are, what you do, and how you create in this world.


Preciously designed and crafted with original graphics and illustrations to narrate your message in a compelling way.

Some ways animated videos could bring your content added liveliness:

  • Explainer Video 1-3 minutes

  • 5-10 sec short clips for social media.

  • Online course video content post production with visually branded motion graphic design.


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Selected Videos

A video to explain and narrate an elusive and spiritual process of song-writing. Lionsongs by Holly Mae Haddock, an artist, therapist residing Portland, Oregon.Visit Art direction, artwork, video + sound editing, done by Kathy Kwon at BRIGHTMATTERS.STUDIO

Showreel compiling selected animation works between 2012 - 2018 track: 'here in heaven' elite gymnastics